Ignite Donors, Transcend Impact

Expand reach and transcend the impact of your cause through campaign freedom.

We enable donors to pay any amount from any account including one time donations, periodic pledges, and even contingent donations. You decide, you design. Your cause depends on it.

Which causes are HaloShare perfect for?


National Charities With Local Chapters

Schools, Churches & Local Causes

Relief Aid, National Disaster, Global Causes

Galas, Auctions, Races, Events

Individuals & Groups Supporting Causes

Campaign Freedom.

Get Creative & Flexible with HaloShare.

Raising funds for national organizations

Tell every story!

Easily edit or duplicate your campaign!

Get started, modify, replicate, or delete campaigns.

What is your fundraising goal?

HaloShare can help you reach more people for more donations to meet that goal.

Launch your fundraiser within minutes

Setup a campaign quickly, have control over the story, and allow donors and partners to share your campaign via social media. Report fundraiser success from your dashboard with simple financial reconciliation tools. Reach more people for more gifts!


Donors select how much they want to donate.


Individual and partner donors can match donation dollars! Contingency and stand alone.


Donors pay by eCheck or any major credit card


Donors may also pay with PayPal



Setup challenges, co-campaigns and revise them often. Make giving competitive, fun and celebrate success!

Share & Support

Donors can virally share fundraising campaigns via social networks and support your cause.

Easy and no cost set up.

No licensing or subscription fees.

Scale your reach and target donors with single or multiple customizable campaigns

Build as many campaigns as you want, specific to the cause or demographic. For example: One message to college crowd and a different message to working families. It’s easy with our drag and drop template. Get your fundraiser live, have full credit card processing ready to go, and share easily with friends.

Risk Free, No Cost Until Donations Received!

We win when you succeed! Cost for the use of the HaloShare platform is based on a percentage of total funds raised. Get started and create unlimited campaigns with no cost until you receive donations.

Simplify gifting. Grow your donor community.

Designed to process donations in less than 30 seconds!

1. Create a campaign profile

Template is easy, just have your logos ready and write about your fundraiser!

2. Enter your banking details

Have a card processor you would like to use? We can integrate merchant processing.

3. Go live and share!

Publish, then share to your favorite social media network and raise awareness right away. When fundraisers are done together, everyone benefits.

4. Reach donors you haven’t reached before

We made fundraising easier for donors and charities…

So you can enjoy doing what you love most

HaloShare Features

  • Marketing Automation
  • Customized Platform
  • Web, Mobile, and Email Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Donor Administration
  • Custom Branded
  • Quick Build Template
  • Web and Mobile Ready!
  • Social Media Integrated
  • Payment Processing
  • Back Office Support

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